Sorry for the looooong delay in posts, but I am spread too thin! Trying to keep several blogs updated is just rediculous.

Most of my energy has been going into a new website:, which should launch shortly!

Designing a few new products at the same time: Toothbrush, goggles, logos, etc.

Fun, but if I have one piece of advice right now, FOCUS!

Enjoy inventing :)



Invention Product Designer

September 21, 2010

Today I wanted to talk a little about a company that I have used for the design of my own products,  RAAYA Design. If you need a prototype, have an idea that needs grooming, or just want to make something look more appealing to your target market, then you must speak to RAAYA Design.

Taking a product from idea to reality takes incredible talent, and Rupa, my designer, has proven to me that she has what it takes.

Visit her facebook page or contact her with your ideas, I promise you won’t be disappointed. We all need professional help when it comes to prototypes, design and marketing.

And I am recommending Rupa because she is the best. I have no financial interest in her business!


Invention – What Do I Do Next?

September 16, 2010

So you have an invention! A brilliant idea. Nobody else could have thought of this before, it is the next penicillin. You can barely sleep… What do you do next? The fun part, as we inventors know, is the idea. Then the prototype! After you have a prototype the work begins and the fun slowly [...]

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August 23, 2010

It is that time again – the Pitchmen show is up and running! This is one of the places I draw inspiration from. As a matter of fact, I have one specific product right now that I feel would do really well in this type of environment. Shark Tank should be up and running soon [...]

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Contact Flags Now Online!

February 22, 2010

There they are!  The Contact Flags.  Invented, designed, produced and shipped within 3 months!  I think that is pretty good.  Now, I have spoken about outsourcing as much as possible and creating passive income for a while now.  Well, it is starting to take shape.  I had very little to do with this product.  All [...]

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First Contact Flag Order Shipped

January 7, 2010

Finally the first Contact Flag order has been shipped!  Up up and away… Tough timeline, but after making minor adjustments to the product it now is ready for the mass market.  Shipping was expensive, so this is what we did:  We shipped the first order, a small order, to Practicon via air freight.  This significantly [...]

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Small Hurdles Always Exist

December 28, 2009

Bringing a new product to market always comes with hurdles.  Here are a few I encountered over the last month alone! PRODUCT QUALITY:  You can have a great art rendering, a great prototype, and still end up with a product that needs revision.  Our first Contact Flag was perfect, but after the mold was completed [...]

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Second Product: Contact Flag – In January Catalog

November 3, 2009

  It is done!  The Contact Flag has been developed, the patent initiated, and the product will hit the shelves in January!   This has been the quickest turn around yet.  From concept to market in less than 6 months. The Contact Flag is made in China.  We went through a few design options and then [...]

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Where do You draw inspiration from?

September 28, 2009

Entrepreneurs need inspiration to move ahead, or that is at least how I feel.  This “fuel” is what moves us out of ruts and gets our products/ideas one step further ahead.  My most recent inspiration is the show SHARK TANK.  It simple allows entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas/products/companies to hungry venture capitalists in hope of [...]

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Product #2

August 3, 2009

Yes, it is time again to BRING A NEW PRODUCT TO MARKET! This is what you all have been waiting for, the next big thing.  Suffice to say, I can not reveal everything quite yet until the provisional patent is finished.  Maybe a few more days.  But here is the basics: The new product is a [...]

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Common Inventor Problems…

May 8, 2009

Alright, I want to discuss some of my personal inventor hangups…let me know if I am alone or if you experience this as well: 1.  Focus:  Too many ideas = nothing gets done.  It is like a disease…everything I look at can be improved.  There are a million great ideas.  Currently I have about 6 [...]

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1 Year Hahn Unlimited Anniversary!

March 18, 2009

Last week was the 1 year anniversary from the conception of Hahn Unlimited!  We came a loooong way.  To follow the slogan of this blog, let’s go through a quick outline of what was accomplished: IDEA: March 2008 the IDEA of a new company was born. I decided to start the process knowing nearly nothing. [...]

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Exclusivity Agreement for Twin Forceps Signed!

November 25, 2008

It has been a while, but here is an update: Sold several Forceps in a test market with great feedback Met with several distributors to discuss working agreements Decided on selling Forceps through Practicon via an exclusivity agreement for 2 years The Hahn Twin Forceps were very well received and we have decided to pass [...]

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Looking for Retailers

July 2, 2008

We have the product, now we need to sell it   Practicon is selling the Hahn Twin Forceps through its catalog beginning in August.  I am contacting Henry Schein, Patterson and Benco over the next few weeks and will try to get the product into those catalogs as well.  Dentists are beginning to call and [...]

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Getting First Shipment of Product!

June 1, 2008

So this is what it all comes down to…getting the final product and selling it.  Next week I expect to receive my initial order, packaged and ready to go.  2 weeks ago I was able to demonstrate and hand out some samples to dentists at a tradeshow.  The reviews were great, which was a relief [...]

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Twin Forceps Website Sales Now Available!

May 23, 2008

As of this week the Twin Forceps will be for sale online!  Starting August 2008 they will be for sale at Practicon. Once the first few units are sold the journey for the FIRST product will be complete.  Another one is already in the works…more on that soon. Check the website at for specials on [...]

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Idea-DONE, Invention-DONE, Product-DONE – What’s Next?

April 25, 2008

  I have completed project #1!!!  The Hahn Twin Forceps have come from a simple idea, to an invention, to a final product that now will oficially will be sold through Practicon (  I am proud to say I did every single step myself, from provisional patent, market research, manufacturer research to final patent.  I [...]

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Contract Negotiations – Bringing Your Product to Market

April 16, 2008

Well, now that it has been a few days I wanted to update everyone on my progress.  The manufacturer and I have agreed on a contract and the first order has been placed!  It should be completed within 30 days.  This took a few tries but eventually we agreed.  Bringing a new product to market can [...]

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Upgrade complete!

April 10, 2008

Yes, wordpress 2.5 is installed successfully, finally. Now an update on the articulating forceps: We have come to a mutually beneficial agreement with the manufacturer!  The first order will be placed within 2 weeks! We have selected the company/distributor to work with and are in the final negotiations on exclusivity. I have received my sales [...]

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Upgrading the blog

April 8, 2008

Yes, I am in the process of upgrading this blog.  Hopefully within a few days you will see a new and improved version!   Regarding the progress with the invention – all is going well.  I have several companies interested in distribution but I want to select one as an exclusive distributor.  More on this once [...]

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